Villa #4 – Gaylea


Justin and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts

For making our Wedding one of the most special day of our lives.

The food the decorations oh and the lights as you said looked beautiful,

We and our family and friends were all saying the best Wedding they

Have been to, we have you and all the staff to thank for that,they were all

Lovely and sweet..I also left my sign I bought (MR&MRS) which is wooden&white,

with two wooden white candle holders with your manager to use for other Weddings

as we wouldn’t keep it and we have all our beautiful photo’s.

Oh by the way you may be getting a few people asking about staying and

Having Weddings in the Villa as I am in a group on Facebook and I had recommended

Villa Besar to someone who wants a wedding in a Villa and also one of my work college

is wanting to renew there vows and loved what you did for our Wedding and asked me

for and how to contact you, gave her your website. This is the second time I have

stayed at your Villas and it won’t be the last,my husbands first trip to Bali and he

loved staying there and surprise to me he wants to come

so on that note until next time we plan our holiday at Villa Besar, take care and

once again thank you.


Kind Regards



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