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Unveiling the Magic of Bali: Villa Besar’s Dream Weddings

Bali, renowned for its natural beauty and exotic charm, has emerged as a beloved destination for dream weddings. Couples seeking an enchanting and affordable experience need look no further than Villa Besar, a luxury private villa resort nestled in Seminyak, Bali.

A Luxury Villa Resort Like No Other

For nearly a decade, Villa Besar has been hosting unforgettable wedding experiences. Our resort boasts 12 stunning villas, each offering not just accommodation but a complete package that includes breakfast, laundry service, daily cleaning, daytime babysitting, pool fence for safety, security, room service, and even in-house massages. The heart of Balinese culture beats within each villa, adorned with authentic furniture, art, and architectural design.

Stress-Free Bali Weddings

Wedding planning can often turn into a stressful ordeal, especially as guest lists grow longer. There’s the venue to secure, entertainment to arrange, catering to organize, flowers to choose, and photographers to hire. It’s an overwhelming list that can overshadow the joy of the occasion.

However, at Villa Besar, we believe your wedding preparations should be as joyful as the day itself. We can help make arrangements, and even put you in touch with some of our trusted wedding planners!

Crafting Your Perfect Wedding

Our wonderful team can assist with any of the following:

  • Catering: Our talented Balinese chefs can curate an authentic Indonesian feast using fresh, local ingredients and exquisite seafood if desired.
  • Cake: Our knowledgeable team can point you in the right direction of some amazing local bakers.
  • Beverages: One of our skilled bartenders can be at your service, ensuring your guests have their favourite drinks in hand throughout the celebration.
  • Decorations & Entertainment: Villa Besar’s expert team can help take care of your decorations & furniture hire, making the area a beautiful get-away for your special day. We can also recommend local entertainment. 
  • Ceremonies: Whether you desire a civil or legal ceremony, we can help handle the arrangements, ensuring a seamless and memorable event.
  • Photography: We can put you in touch with some wonderful & very talented local photographers.
  • Accommodation: After the festivities, retire to our elegant villas, which range from one to six bedrooms, offering a luxurious retreat for you and your guests.


Please keep in mind that every wedding celebration is unique to the guest. As such, there is no set package price we can quote you right off the bat. When inquiring, the more information you can provide us about what you want your celebration entail, the better we will be able to give you a price estimate or put you in touch with a wedding planner that will suit you best! 

Bali Wedding Villa Accommodation


Extend the Celebration

Bali, with its abundance of attractions and experiences, invites you to extend your celebration beyond the wedding day. Explore the island’s wonders with your loved ones, creating unforgettable memories together.

At Villa Besar, we are dedicated to making your Bali destination wedding a dream come true. Let us transform your special day into an enchanting, stress-free celebration amidst the magic of Bali. Contact us today and embark on a journey to create the wedding of a lifetime.

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