A Trip to Remember

In Bali there are so many beautiful and wonderful things to do.

From magical forest walks, to cuddles with monkeys, to climbing trees and magnificent temple sight seeing. At Villa Besar we can accomodate you with a home away from home vibe along with organisation of transport to get to these amazing places.

Here at Villa Besar we want to give you a stay you deserve by recommending and accomodating you with all the bells and whistles an amazing holiday comes with.

If you’d like to experience what Bali has to offer, the local villages, temples, structures and beautiful landscapes are only a short taxi ride way.

If you’d like to have more of a fun, wild time visit one of Asia’s best water parks or visit the zoo or even experience white water rafting.

Or if you’ve come to Bali for the relaxation of a tropical paradise, your very own villa here at Besar will give you an experience you’ll never forget. Put your feet up, have a massage or grab a bite at our amazing restaurant. We promise a stay you’ll always remember.

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