Bali Wedding Day Bliss

Have you ever dreamt about your perfect Bali wedding day, with that one perfect person? Well at Seminyak Villa Besar we have everything that is needed to make your day one to remember. 


With our breath taking venue, you, your partner and your guests will have the most magical day imaginable. 


Our Villas will accomodate all guests and give them a stay to remember with beautiful food, scenery and luxurious vibes your day will never be forgotten. 


We promise that early morning breakfast cooked to perfection, spotless living and dining areas and the comfort of a personal pool will be worth choosing Villa Besar for your wedding and guests to stay. 


Villa Besar is not just about making your day one to remember, we are also willing to give you the most amazing honeymoon. From our tours to nearby restaurants, culture exploring and so much more, you can sit back and indulge in one of the most beautiful Villas in the country.