Life can be a rollercoaster. Each day consists of running from here to there with very little time to stop and smell the roses. You dream of your next opportunity for a holiday. It can’t come soon enough.

Then when it does, it’s another whirlwind. Maybe it’s a trip to the beach with some shopping involved. Alternatively, something grand such as sightseeing in Rome. These types of trips are extraordinary and worthwhile, but they can also be exhausting. You return only to feel ready for the next holiday. Though you were on holiday, you never really took a break.

You need something a bit more relaxing, a true repose. Book a one bedroom villa in Bali and get the holiday you deserve. Villa Besar offers affordable luxury villas for singles, couples, families, even weddings that will refresh, inspire, and motivate you to live life to the fullest.

More About Us and What Surrounds Our One Bedroom Villa in Seminyak, Bali

We’ve been providing the top accommodation this side of the world for nine years. Located in lovely Seminyak, Bali, our villas are available from one to six bedrooms, sleeping up to 16 people and housing a total of 105 guests in our complex.

What makes our villas the perfect combination of fun and relaxation are our location and amenities. Each villa is surrounded by lush tropical gardens, a private swimming pool and decorated furniture and artwork unique to Bali.

Outside the heart of the city, we’re located near a residential area that’s perfect for peaceful promenade walks and exploring. When you’re ready to visit the action, a 10-minute drive will take you to favoured beach bars, restaurants, and more to experience the finest in Balinese culture.

Our Seminyak 1 Bedroom Villas Are the Cream of the Crop for Holiday Stays

We’re sure once you stay a night with us, you’ll rethink your definition of what a holiday is. Whether you bring a friend or go solo, treat yourself to one of our Seminyak villas with 1 bedroom or more.

Our 1 Bedroom Villa No 7 is perfect for your solo holiday. It’s ideal if you want to have some days completely relaxing with no distractions. The excellent news is, for days when you want to get out and take advantage of the beauty and culture of Bali, you can return to your quiet, beautiful, and comforting accommodation.

This private villa is stunning from its spacious rooms to its high vaulted ceiling. It includes a private pool with sun lounges bordered by fresh greenery. You’ll love the service with this stay too. As you relax in luxurious comfort, you won’t have to lift a finger. We’ll address everything you want, from airport transfers, cooking, cleaning, even providing a private driver to take you around to explore your surroundings.

Our staff will be there for you just as a true friend. Whatever questions you have on your stay, such as additional services available or even where the hotspots are, we’re more than happy to share our recommendations and assist. Contact us today to learn more about our villa in Bali. Give yourself a real holiday that’s restoring and affordable.