Weddings are supposed to be a dream. Something that is effortless, enchanting and hopeful. That means they should be stress-free. So why worry about how your wedding is going to be arranged and what the result will be. Why not snap your fingers and have everything exactly as you want it with the stuff dream weddings are made of? Let us suggest a Bali villa wedding, entirely arranged by Villa Besar.

We’re a luxury private villa resort in Seminyak, Bali that’s been in business for nine years. Each one of our 12 villas includes breakfast, transfers, laundry, daytime babysitting, pool fence, security, room service and in-house massage.

Our villas boast Balinese culture with each room filled and decorated with authentic furniture and artwork as well as architectural design. Create the perfect Bali destination wedding for you and your guests, enjoying luxury and comfort while celebrating your special day.

Our Bali Weddings Remove the Stress of Planning a Celebration

Unfortunately, weddings can be stressful, even to the point of affecting your health. This is especially true as the number of attendees increase. There’s so much to think about, and no matter how much time you give yourself to set everything up, it’s never enough.

You have to book a venue, entertainment, catering, flowers, photos, and so much more. Just thinking about this can cause a headache.

That is not how preparing for your wedding should be. It should be completely different. You should be filled with excitement, anticipation, and joy at the idea of celebrating a lifetime of happiness to come. Our Bali wedding packages can offer that to you at an affordable price.

Create the Perfect Wedding with Our Comprehensive Packages

We’re one of the top Bali wedding locations you can find that offers everything you could want on your wedding day. Our luxury villa stays accommodate up to 100 guests, and we organize everything so that you only have to look your finest to take those beautiful pictures.

Here are some of the things we do. We handle catering. We have Balinese chefs who can put together an authentic Indonesian arrangement with fresh local produce and seafood. Wondering about the cake? Don’t fret – we have that covered too, allowing you to choose the flavour and design you want. We provide drinks. We can set up a skilled bartender to serve and mix beverages.

Other things we do are arrange the decorations including the lighting, hire a DJ and if you have specific preferences, let us know. We can also organise a civil or legal ceremony and, importantly, get a professional photographer to capture every moment. If there is something else that you want to have, we’ll do our optimal to make that happen.

Enjoy your day with your guests, and when it’s time to turn in, do so in elegance, staying in our villas, which range from one to six bedrooms. Stay a little longer and enjoy the sights and attractions of Bali and make this wedding one that you and your guests won’t soon forget.

Contact us today to learn more about our Bali weddings and have the type of celebration that you never thought was possible.